Sustaining the Elegance with great comfort in women’s clothing, Rama Sarees is a decade old fashion brand. Taking out the modern culture amalgamated into aged traditions, Rama Sarees Lucknow is an ideal choice.

Being the synonym of Royal Ethnicity, Vast Variety, Great Comfort and Budget Friendly, We are one stop shop for all your clothing needs. With an aim to meet the trends of today’s ever-changing women’s fashion, we have more than 5000+ varieties in Saree, Lehenga, Suits & Gowns.

With the finest and trendiest collection of Indian ethnic wear from the last two decades, our every outfit is suitable for every occasion. We are truly your go-to place for any attire you are looking for.

Best Saree Shop in Lucknow
Famous Saree Shop in Lucknow

Carefully curated, delicately decorated pieces at Rama Sarees Lucknow, we guarantee you a wide range of collections, that is of the finest quality. Our products will be your means of expressing beauty, innovating new ideas and designs.

For the modern bride or the traditional, for the young bridesmaids, or your typical Indian woman- we have everything that you are looking for. Established in the 19th century, we are a fine blend of modern and ritualistic attire. We can please the new age bride, and prioritise the age-old customs. 

Rama Sarees Lucknow provides simple, rich-looking suit pieces, gowns and grand lehengas as well. Capture these products on the benefit of an occasion of your choice. We are more than happy to take questions over calls! Come visit us now, or check out our online shopping tags.

Our Mission

 To provide the best quality and a diverse range of products. To be the reason behind happy and satisfied customers.

Our Vision

To innovate, lead and enhance the market of traditional amalgamated modern ethnic wear. Providing an idealistic customer service, ethical customs and traditions.


Years of Legacy

Established in the 19th Century, we have provided decades worth of fine quality sarees, suits, lehengas and more. You are investing in timeless collections, centennials’ worth hard work, legacy and quality.

Latest Collections

Visit us at our Lucknow showroom, and witness the crux of modern epitomes of fads and fashion. To please the modern bride, to hearten the young women, we have everything new and everything you need to shine through.


At Rama Sarees, we offer a wide range of customisation. Anything you like, the tiniest changes to the colossal conversions, we are here to customise your preferences.

PAN India

Whether you are from the ranging hills of the Himalayas, or the temples of Thanjavur, Rama Sarees are at your service.

Mobile Friendly

We promise modernity, not just in our clothes but also in our services. You can access and shop-all within your phones, or other devices.

Bulk Orders

At Rama Sarees, Lucknow we accept any amount of orders. Rama Sarees, are always at your service, hitherto the number of items you buy.


Check out our explore page and browse through our collection! Whatever you are looking for, we are the perfect place!

Ranging from elegant sarees, to ethereal gowns, to ritualistic suits and royal gowns, we have it all. You can select the outfit based on design and style, based on fabric and based on occasion.

These intricately planned divisions are aimed at providing a smooth and easy process to buying your outfits- because Rama Sarees, is the best shop for sarees, lehengas and more. We aim for comfort not just in our products, but also in customer service.

Famous Saree Shop in Lucknow

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